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About New Dye

Marigolds and tie-dye tapestries hanging on the line


Robert Fuller began his tie-dye adventure in 1987 in his mom's backyard.

After many years of selling his one-of-a-kind designs at concerts, he expanded the business to sell wholesale tie-dye. He created one of the most successful tie-dye wholesale companies, supplying some of the biggest screen printers and event merchandisers across the U.S. — Fuller was once a dyer for Ben and Jerry's!

New Dye is now focused on providing beautiful, one-of-a-kind garments directly to tie-dye lovers around the world on newdye.com. From upcycled garments to housewares, onesies to tapestries, each piece has its own unique story, complete with vibrant pigments that will last a lifetime.

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